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The young artist - a bird house

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Today more than ever, children need to connect with nature, get to know and enjoy the added value of connecting with nature and animals.

The 'Bird House' creation kit, which joins the 'Young Artist' series, is a special nesting box that provides a great opportunity for children to get to know and follow the life of the birds, to experience and explore.
After building and assembling a kit, children can place the bird house on the windowsill or hang on the window pane with the help of clutches located on the back of the house. Through the transparent back wall, children will be able to observe, follow and explore what is happening inside the nesting box around the clock and in any weather without leaving the house or interfering with the birds in their natural process in the nest.

The Bird House Kit will give children a rare experience and will provide them with developmental tools, will help improve fine motor skills and will provide many learning tools.

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