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Foam Study Carrels, 12" x 48", Black/Black Foam

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Keep students focused and curb wandering eyes with tri-fold total black foam study carrels. Ideal for instant testing centers or private study areas. Sturdy construction with clean lines and side panels that fold flat for storage when not in use. Ideal for reinforcing social distancing within the classroom. Acts as a sneeze and cough shield* and can be wiped clean with disinfectant wipes easily. This product does not prevent disease or infection.

Ideal for:
- Enforcing social distancing within the classroom
- Acting as a sneeze shield and cough shield
- Creating a testing center space
- An economical solution for classroom spacing

With our study carrels, you can:
- Fold carrels flat for storage
- Transport study carrels easily

- Available in pack of 24
- Constructed from total black foam

- Study Carrels measure 18"T x 48"W
- Side panels measure 18"T x 12"W
- Center panel measures 18"T x 24"W

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