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Nancy B's Science Club® Way to Grow Hydroponics

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The Big Idea
Grow plants-without dirt! Sprout seeds, put them in the seed baskets, place seed baskets in the water-filled flasks, and watch your plants climb the trellis as they grow! The Gardening Diary includes hydroponics experiments and history, including information about the Aztecs' amazing floating gardens!

Psst...They're Learning!
  • Stimulates an interest in biology and botany
  • Offers opportunity for natural discoveries
  • Journaling activities encourage creativity

Cut to the Chase
  • This easy-start hydroponics kit helps kids learn about plant life cycles and growth, and is complete with fun, engaging journal activities
  • Includes 2 seed baskets; 2 flasks with thermometers; and 2 trellises with rulers
  • 22-Page activity journal
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