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Monkey String

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  • Stretchy Strings - Inspire focus, creativity, and imagination with our Monkey String sensory fidget toys. Bend, wrap, twist, and stick the strings to almost anything! Your children can create virtually anything they can dream up
  • Multi-Purpose - Use the sensory toys to help with stress and reducing high levels of anxiety for kids and adults with ADD/ADHD, OCD, and autism - the toys help promote a sense of calm and can help to increase focus and attention
  • The Perfect Playtime Activity - Use the fidget noodle strings to build, draw, or make funny stick people, pretend eyeglasses, animal shapes, and even holiday ornaments. Perfect for keeping kids entertained at home, in classrooms, on car rides, and on planes
  • Stretchy and Sticky - Our bendable fidget sensory toys are made from wax and yarn materials that are safe to play with and allow your kids to create anything in 2D or 3D - Suitable for Ages 3+
  • 500 Piece Jumbo Pack - Our fidget string bulk pack has 500 colorful sticks in 13 bright primary and neon colors. No glue is necessary (as they are naturally just the right amount of sticky), no preparation is required, and there's no mess during or after play.
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