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Mind Sparks® Word Wall Challenge, Compound Words

SKU: PAC9308-01

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Reinforce core standards in ELA-Literacy with Mind Sparks® WordWall Challenge™ card games! Create words to build a word wall, card by card. There is always a place for a move, but watch out…someone may finish that word before your next turn! Complete the most words before your opponent(s) to win the game! This versatile, multi-level card game is rated for kindergarten through grade five and can be played as a single player or with up to eight friends – perfect for home or classroom use! No two games are ever the same! Double-sided, color-coded cards measure 3-1/2” x 2-1/2” and feature four different skill levels. Item #PAC9308-01 contains a 300 card edition of compound words, along with a score sheet available for photocopy use, core standards reference guide, and an instruction sheet. A word list of examples for each of the 4 levels is available online at Ideal for ages 5+.

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