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Magnetic Dry Erase Measurement Tools, Set of all 5

SKU: CE-7599

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Draw precise circles and other shapes for the whole class to see with these durable tools. Includes one each, 30/60/90 Triangle, 24" Straightedge, 45/45/90 Triangle, Protractor and Compass.
  • Protractor: Handle helps hold this oversized tool with ease. Marked up to 30 centimeters and 10 inches along straightedge.
  • Compass: Legs measure 17" long. Use with chalk or a variety of dry erase marker sizes. Features a suction cup or optional rubber foot for use on chalkboards.
  • Straightedge: 24" long, scaled in inches in 1/4" increments on one edge and centimeter and half centimeter increments on the opposite edge. Handle helps you hold this oversized tool with ease.
  • Triangles: Magnetic, both 30/60/90 and 45/45/90. Marked with inches on one side and centimeters of the other sides. For teacher use only.
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