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Key Tags Plastic 10 Assorted Colors

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  • Made of High-Quality Material - The key ring tags are excellent products which are made of durable and soft plastic, none of the key tags with labels are too hard or too soft. All of key tags come with a blank paper for writing and with a tough clear cover to prevent water and dirt.
  • Great Assortment - 70 pcs label tags with 10 colours, includes black, blue, green, purple, red and so on. Such a tremendous quantity and multi-choice on colours of key tags plastic is enough to satisfy your daily needs towards id tag.
  • Compact and Clear - Key tags plastic look clear,and this practical key tag in a rectangular shape, measure 2.1cm(W)x 4.6cm(L), As qualified key tags identifiers, they can easily classify items based on colour coding and labeling.
  • Easy to Write - Simply press the cover of name tag keychain to open it without removing the ring and take out the paper to write. Then insert the label into the case of the tag keychain after the ink dries completely to avoid smearing. Key labels are just produced in such a simple way.
  • Wide Applicability - These id labels have the features of tiny measurement and lightweight, however, tag labels can use to mark multiple items such as bunches of keys, suitcases, pets, etc. Let's name items with our key ring labels whatever you want!
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