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Just Add Egg


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An egg-citing science and art kit that is sure to peak your interest in science!

This bio-organic STEAM kit, Just Add Egg™, will inspire the artist and scientist alike! Make your own dinosaur egg, egg shell geode, or make an egg totally disappear. More than 10 science experiments and art activities included.

Kit Includes:

  • Clear plastic bottle
  • 3 Coloring sheets
  • 210 grams Alum Powder
  • 25mL White glue
  • 3 White candles
  • 1/4lb Soapbase
  • 2 Crayons
  • 2oz Molding Clay
  • 3 10mL Bottles food coloring
  • 2.5inch wick
  • 5 pieces Wax paper
  • Plastic Dinosaur
  • 250mL Corn syrup
  • 4”x4” Canvas
  • Reuseable box
  • 1 instruction booklet in English, French, and Spanish

Activities Included:

  • Naked and disappearing egg
  • Shrinking egg
  • Egg dying
  • Egg shell dying
  • Egg blowing
  • Egg in a bottle
  • Egg shell geode
  • Separating egg yolk from egg white
  • Egg shell candle
  • Egg shell mosaic
  • Make your own dinosaur egg

Science Lessons:

  • Study of reactions
  • Study of pressure