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Geomag™ Education Kit, Shape & Space Geometry Lab


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Made up of magnetic rods, steel spheres and different shaped panels, this Swiss-made product is the symbol of the magnetic construction system that has brought worldwide recognition to the Geomag brand. Thanks to these simple components and the magic of magnetism, endless 3D structures can be created with total freedom of imagination and creativity.

Our introductory set ensures all students find the elementary principles of Euclidean geometry fun, easy to grasp and stimulating. Model building and discussion in the classroom encourage proactive participation, leading to positive results from an early age. Contained in a plastic Gratnells SmartCase® for easy storage. 124 pieces + 40 cards.


  • Constructing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Right and acute angles, perimeter of squares
  • Properties of regular and irregular polygons
  • Duplication, symmetry and mirror lines
  • Pattern theory and mathematical nets
  • Measuring and drawing lines
  • Probability
  • Mathematical language, notation, symbols
  • Verbally describing shapes, movements and transformations
  • Collecting data, recording findings, classifying objects
  • Solving problems by breaking down into smaller tasks
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