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Crayon Box 24 PK


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  • ✓DESCRIPTION - The 24 pack crayons set is made from safe ingredients. The colored crayons are no irritation to delicate skin, which is completely kid-safe for drawing. It's really a good art supply for toddlers and kids. Non-toxic kids crayons coloring supplies make a great gift for ages 3 and up. The crayons offer vivid tones and an eye-catching shine.
  • ✓QUALITY - The 24 count crayons for kids have premium quality that is strong and won’t break easily. The Crayons provide high-quality results and long-lasting colorful drawings of crayons. Kids love to color, especially when they have a variety of bright colors to choose from, which these crayons 24 pack nicely provides. The 24 box crayons are an essential and important creative tool for children of all age 3 & up.
  • ✓SPECS - The crayon 24 pack are double wrapped for added strength. The color crayons come with a box for convenient storage. Crayons are large enough for the toddlers not to attempt any swallowing. The Round crayon and big size make them not only convenient for kids to hold, but harder for small hands to break.
  • ✓DESIGN - 24 pack of crayons have elegant design with attractive packaging and pleasant fragrance. Drawing is a great way to develop kids’ imagination, creativity, and independence. The crayon colors shine and versatile. Round crayon, Comfortable and easy to hold whether drawing, painting, generously applying, layering, scraping, or melting colors, has years of pure drawing pleasure.
  • ✓WE ALWAYS MAKE THE GRADE - Enday brings you the joy of learning. Our focus is giving you school supplies in a selection of diverse colors so that you can coordinate your school supplies to get the fun or chic look you desire. It brings color and life to the classroom. Enday is the one thing students and teachers agree on. We won’t let you down with our superior quality and top customer support.
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