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Diary of a Wimpy Kid® 10-Second Challenge

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10-Second Challenge brings all the fun from the book series to life! This game comes with everything you need to outwimp your friends and family. Play as your favorite character from the book series and race to be the first to get around the board. There are three categories of challenges: single player, categories and two-player. Will you be the Wimpy Kid Champion?

Play as your favorite character!

Choose one of the six characters as your mover, place it at the start, and let the outwimping begin! Players take turns rolling the die and moving around the board, completing challenges along the way.

Active gameplay with 3 categories of challenges.

On each turn, players draw a challenge card and determine if they will accept the challenge or pass it to the next player. Challenges can be single player, categories, or two-player. Successfully complete a card to move ahead as indicated, but fail and you'll have to go back one space.

Becoming the Wimpy Kid Champion

The last four spaces on the game board are 'no' spaces. On your turn, instead of rolling the number cube, you just pick up the top challenge card and take the challenge or pass it on. You may move forward only by completing a challenge. The first player to the finish wins!

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