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Sequence Cards For Storytelling and Picture Interpretation, Set 1


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Tired of the same old sequencing cards? Can you use something NEW and UPDATED when working on sequencing and storytelling goals? Do you often feel stuck when working on storytelling goals? Feel like your child is not quite ready for story elements? Looking to bridge the gap between sequencing and retelling stories?

These sequence cards are the perfect way to work on skills beyond the basic sequence. They are so easy to use and versatile. Many goals can be targeted when using these story cards. User manual guide includes 'wh' questions and hypothetical problem-solving tasks for each picture scene.

The pictures are beautifully illustrated and include many details for picture interpretation skills that go beyond basic and require critical thinking skills. The perfect challenge for your child.

  • Easily adaptable to many levels.
  • Durable and thick cards
  • High-Quality colorful beautifully illustrated
  • Large 4.5" x 4.5" picture Cards
  • Packaged stand up with colored tabs for easy access and organized storage
  • Use to target: Storytelling, Predicting, Problem Solving, Verbs, Pronouns, Sentence Structure, Inferencing, and Reasoning Skills
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