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Occupations Magnetic Pretend Play Set

SKU: LCI9309

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Combine dozens of wooden magnetic pieces in coordinating designs to outfit two double-sided friends and their dogs! Mix and match wooden magnetic clothing and accessories to get the characters ready for work or adventures (doctor, chef, astronaut, construction worker, superhero, pirate, knight, cowboy/cowgirl, firefighter, police officer). The play figures, each with a durable stand for pretend play, and the magnets all store in a sturdy wooden tray with a slide-in lid and convenient carrying handle to take the fun on the go! This unique dress-up dolls set helps kids three and older develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor, counting, and sorting skills, and encourages creative expression and imaginative play.

  • 4 wooden magnetic play figures to dress in coordinating mix-and-match outfits
  • Includes 2 double-sided wooden play figures, 2 wooden dogs, 4 durable stands, 73 magnetic clothing and accessory pieces
  • Play figures and pieces store in wooden tray with sliding lid and handle
  • Develops fine motor, counting, and sorting skills and encourages creative expression and imaginative play

Discover Countless Ways To Play

  1. SORT & MATCH: Sort the pieces into groups: tops, pants, shoes, pet scarves, etc. Find matching patterns on different pieces, then use those pieces to dress the dolls and pets in coordinating outfits!
  2. FETCH!: The puppy dogs love to play fetch! Place all the pieces in the storage tray and use a dog on a stand to "retrieve" a specific piece, such as a black shoe or a shirt with buttons. When the piece is found, place it on the dog. How many different pieces can stick to the dog without any falling off?
  3. STORY TIME: Give each doll and pet a name. Dress all of the figures and then tell a story about where they going today and what adventures they have along the way.
  4. MIXED UP OUTFITS: Set a timer for 30 seconds and come up with a silly outfit for one of the figures before time runs out. Maybe a dog is wearing a chef hat and space boots or a doll dresses in checkered pants, one glove, and the superhero mask. Talk about what makes the outfits silly.
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