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State Decorative Set, Oklahoma


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Below is a list of all the educational and fun products you will receive when you purchase the Oklahoma Decorative Set:
  • Oklahoma Bulletin Board Set with over 30 pieces
  • Oklahoma Borders for Bulletin Boards
  • Oklahoma Nameplates - Pack of 30
  • Oklahoma Flag Poster that is 11" x 17"
  • Oklahoma Experience Poster/Map that is 22" x 34"
  • Oklahoma Big Timeline that is over 8' long
  • Famous People in Oklahoma Photo Pack

Oklahoma Bulletin Board Set with over 30 pieces

What a fun way to get to know Oklahoma! Bring Oklahoma and its rich history to life right in front of your eyes. This colorful state bulletin board set features over 30 different eye-catching pieces. The state-specific set includes the state name plus state symbols, including the state bird, tree, flag, seal, motto, and important industry symbols. Oklahoma postcards and imaginative characters round out this oversize set. Add pizzazz to any classroom, media center, doorway, or hall.

Oklahoma Borders for Bulletin Boards
Motivational, educational and colorful room decor makes a positive difference in the classroom. Brighten your students' day and help them learn about their state's official symbols. These beautiful and colorful borders are perfect for social studies, statehood days, and a variety of other lessons! Borders are 3" wide and 32' in total length and coordinate with your state standards. Each full-color border features the Oklahoma official state tree, bird, flag, seal, and other symbols.

Oklahoma Nameplates - Pack of 30
Students can learn about the Oklahoma state tree, bird, flag, seal, and other symbols right at their desk! State-specific nameplates will add pizzazz to your classroom decor and make learning about Oklahoma fun! Pack contains 36 nameplates. Each nameplate features 10 Oklahoma state symbols. Nameplate dimensions are 3" H x 9" W — plenty of room to write students' first and last names.

Oklahoma Flag Poster
Decorate your walls with this 11" x 17" Oklahoma Flag Poster. The Oklahoma Flag Poster is printed on high quality, heavy, gloss card stock with a full bleed and ready to be framed. The poster is sturdy and can stand up to all kinds of abuse and will not pucker and wrinkle. The Oklahoma Flag Poster is printed in the U.S.A. Perfect for school, home, or office.

Oklahoma Experience Poster/Map
This 22" x 34" poster map features a map of Oklahoma with neighbors, cities, counties, and landmarks plus state symbols, a state timeline, geography and history information, and lots more.

Oklahoma Big Timeline
The colorful Oklahoma Big Timeline shows an overview of 48 chronological events, important date,s and pictures. This Oklahoma Big Timeline of awesome achievements and events will stimulate students' imagination to help them visualize important events in history. The Oklahoma Big Timeline measures 11" tall by 8' long, stretching across the classroom to create a central visual presentation of state facts. A must-have for every classroom. Kids love to use it.

Famous People in Oklahoma Photo Pack
The Famous People in Oklahoma Photo Pack includes 12 photos or pictures. The photo pack is perfect for: Writing Projects; Biography Projects; Graphic Timelines; Bulletin Boards; State Studies; Learning Centers; Classroom Decoration; and More!

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