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Counting Fish Rug, 8' x 12', Oval


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Bring the ocean to life! The Counting Fish Educational Rug features vibrant primary and secondary colors, fish numbered 1-10 and stars with letters of the alphabet. When you purchase this rug, everything you need to play fun learning games with your kids will be right under your feet. The smiling faces on each fish’s face will bring a happy, sunny feeling into your space even on cloudy days. Since each fish is unique, it provides a perfect illustration for kids to understand how each person in the world is also unique. We should celebrate each individual’s characteristics just like mammals, birds, reptiles or fish!

Printed, cut pile, educational rugs are made from 100% polyamide. Treated to be stain, water and fade resistant, these rugs are able to withstand rugged wear and tear. The sturdy 3-ply felt backing increases sound and thermal insulation while preventing wrinkling and creasing. Double serged edges ensure the rugs won’t fray.

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