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Media Production Studio Kit


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The MPSK-S Studio Kit Provides The Versatility, Functionality And Unrivaled Durability You Need To Produce High-Quality, Professional Studio Results!

MPSK-S Media Production Studio Kit Includes:

  • (1) HDV17BK ActionPro™ Camcorder: ActionPro™ is the perfect video camera for any age. Featuring 2.7K HD 2688x1520 resolution, a 30 megapixel, 8.0M CMOS sensor, an 18x digital zoom and a rotating 3” IPS screen viewer progressive scan, the ActionPro™ camcorder delivers excellent image quality.
  • (1) HDV17-MIC External Microphone For Camcorders And SLR Cameras: Easily mounts to camcorders and SLR cameras and is designed to improve sound recording quality with its high performance super-cardioid pickup and dual-head technology for long pickup distances (approx. 12'), NCR Noise Reduction Technology, wide frequency responses, and an external +20dB sensitivity enhancement switch to adapt to different sound intensity.
  • (1) TPOD18 Octopus Mini-Tripod Camera Stand: This flexible mini-tripod camera stand bends and flexes into any position! 360° rotation capability. Includes easy-slide adapter for camera and smartphone.
  • (1) 9' X 60" Green Screen Backdrop Cloth
  • (1) I Can Present Editing Software
  • (1) Animate-It! Stop-Motion Editing Software
  • (1) LCP Plastic Carry Case
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